alexa g

Be the Daisy

July 15 - August 26, 2023

alexa g is a digital and physical fiber collage artist. Their weavings convey an irreverence toward a traditional form of cloth, crafting digital imagery referencing internet and social media culture throughout their childhood. These weavings are an unraveling and reimagining of their years growing up in a strict Baptist household in the early 2000s.


Taught since birth to idolize, Alexa creates to explore the various embodied and material consequences of religious devotion and celebrity iconography. The digital realms Alexa had access to allowed them to celebrate the female form and one’s innate sexuality in a way their home shamed them from doing. Weaving becomes a process of examining and continuing this reclamation; reclamation of body and of the guilt imposed upon them.


The daisy follows soft the sun, no more!

Be the Daisy is an innocent reminder to embody what has previously been soiled by the destructive nature of purity culture. To Be the Daisy is to reclaim what it means to be sweet, fragile, and delicate, leaving behind the burden of shame. By embracing glitch aesthetics Alexa is referencing Legacy Russells (2013) Glitch Feminism,  the meaning of glitch is an inherent flaw, to be a glitch is to be a mistake. Alexa embraces the term glitch for they are a “mistake” of their intended upbringing. A glitch, a reclamation; now Be the Daisy.